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The Kingdom of New Verai was dissolved in 995, shortly after the introduction of the worship of the god Arioch, by New Verai's steward, Baron Cinnabar of the Borderlands. All vassals of New Verai were released of their oaths to Verai, and permitted to take the lands that they governed with them. Only New Verai itself, and the lands of Doomghaurd remained under the direct control of the royal d'Verai family.

Many of the records of the Kingdom of New Verai (particularly those for Mirkshaw, Rathkeale and Videssos) were lost during the war for "old" Verai; however, the following partial list of the former people of the Kingdom of New Verai has been reconstructed from the documents that did survive.

If you know of someone who is not listed here but should be, or to correct any of the information listed below please contact the Verai archivist. Thank you.

Map of New Verai

  • Count Alcar Mortrass of Crosastian
  • Angel of Videssos
  • Armand of Verai and New Verai
  • Lord Artex Bluebane of Videssos (and Rathkeale) Old Friend of Verai
  • Aethelwulf of Chimeron (formerly of New Verai) Old Friend of Verai
  • Baron Azar of Rockwood
  • Brian of Crosastian
  • Bronwen of the Vistani gypsies
  • Lady Caitlyn of New Verai, Lady-In-Waiting to Princess Cora d'Verai
  • Count Calibane Silverstein of Valkyrie, Priest of Asmodeus Old Friend of Verai
  • Baron Cinnabar of the Borderlands, Steward of New Verai
  • Cinnamon Allspice of New Verai
  • Daemon Leesontom of Sumeria
  • Sir Devlin of Mirkshaw, Royal d'Verai Blood Guard
  • Dirk Coville of Crosastian
  • Driz'zt of Valkyrie, Priest of Asmodeus
  • Count Dumar Drake of Rockwood
  • Dougall of New Verai, Royal Pet
  • Edge of Doomghaurd, Herald to the Royal House d'Verai
  • Lord Emrys d'Myrrdin of New Verai, Baron of Lochmere
  • Eric of Valkyrie
  • Frith of Crosastian
  • Galvani of Rockwood
  • Gatecrasher of New Verai, Heir to the 4th Plane of Hell
  • Gaust of Crosastian
  • Gidion of Rockwood
  • High Lord Gilgamesh Numenor of Sumeria, Seneschal of Banecroft, High Priest of Ningsen
  • Gradae of Crosastian
  • Greyshade of Doomghaurd, Standard-Bearer to the Royal House d'Verai
  • Jana Sword-Dancer of Doomghaurd
  • Kelkeryan Kyriel of Doomghaurd, Priestess of Asmodeus
  • Lady Kiara of the Vistani gypsies, Heir to the Chair of Wisdom
  • Killeon of the Vistani gypsies
  • Kira of Rockwood
  • Kroywen of New Verai
  • Dol-Kügen Ammarosh of Mirkshaw, Captain of Royal d'Verai Blood Guard Old Friend of Verai
  • Countess Lillith of the Vistani gypsies, Keeper of the Chair of Power, Astrologer and Advisor to the Royal House d'Verai Old Friend of Verai
  • Lady Lyndea of the Vistani gypsies, Keeper of the Chair of Wisdom
  • Maddock of Valkyrie
  • Marf of Rockwood
  • Myrrdin d'Myrrdin of Lochmere and New Verai
  • Lady Navarr of the Vistani gypsies, Heir to the Chair of Power
  • Nico of the Vistani gypsies
  • Night of Crosastian
  • Ogalvi of the Vistani gypsies
  • Ora Cronin of Doomghaurd
  • Otto von Drake of Doomghaurd, Advisor to the Royal House d'Verai, Royal Ambassador
  • Lady Ozark of Doomghaurd, Lady-In-Waiting and Royal Companion to Princess Cora d'Verai
  • Ragnar of the Vistani gypsies
  • Razorback of Doomghaurd, Bastard Son of Asmodeus
  • Ret'sum T'saeb of Crosastian
  • Rishar of the Vistani gypsies
  • Rowan of Valkyrie, Priest of Asmodeus
  • Squire Reynard of Doomghaurd
  • Rob of Rockwood
  • Ryan of Rockwood
  • Sean of Valkyrie
  • Lady Shalindra of the Vistani gypsies, Keeper of the Chair of Muses
  • Sin of Valkyrie
  • Archduke Scoob Drake d'Verai of Rockwood
  • Sorthgad of Crosastian
  • Marquis Soth of Doomghaurd
  • Spider of Doomghaurd
  • Synna McVys of New Verai
  • Tabitha of the Vistani gypsies
  • Taris of Doomghaurd
  • Sir Theou Cynforson Grub, Knight Commander of the Knights of Verai
  • Tim of Rockwood
  • Torik of Valkyrie
  • Traylan of Rockwood
  • Treager of Valkyrie
  • Urlan, last Guildmistress of the Amazons Old Friend of Verai
  • Veros of Valkyrie
  • Violet of the Vistani gypsies
  • Yaeger Meister of Crosastian
  • Lady Zoe of Crosastian

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